The fun begins

Dear family and friends,

This is the official blog for Rafa’s mission. Mom will be the one doing all the updates and posting news about Rafa. We are so excited for her and thankful to have this experience in our lives. She is ready for this adventure since day one. She is counting down the days to leave for this great adventure in her life. What and experience to be a representative of the Savior Jesus Christ. For many family and friends who does not know what is LDS mission, here is a YouTube video to give an idea of what Rafaela will be doing for 18 months of her life.

The Value of a Full-time Mormon Mission

She is leaving family, friends, studies, and work to dedicate her life 100% to serve others for 18 months. She will be serving in the Salvador South Mission. We are so excited that she will be going back to Brazil to help our Brazilian family and friends. She will be entering the MTC on September 23, 2015. Be ready for all the posts. Be ready to cry and laugh with her adventures.

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