Rafaela in Sao Paulo

Rafaela had an amazing time in Sao Paulo with her Brazilian Grandparents. She said she ate too much. Everyone wanted to feed her and she loves Brazilian food so she had to eat and eat! Hahahaha

She had a hard time the first few days because she missed the family but she realized that she needed to focus in her visit and she just had a few days to visit family and friends in Sao Paulo.

She got a chance to go to a Brazilian institute dance and it was fantastic. She had a great time. On Sunday she got to visit the ward mom was baptized at in Brazil. She met many of mom’s good friends. She made knew friends. She said people have been so nice to her, I think she forgot how amazing Brazilian people are. Now she remembers and she is ready to have a fantastic time in her mission in Salvador, Bahia.

Now, she is getting ready for her mission and about to enter the MTC. Next post will be her as a missionary! We can’t wait! The whole family is so excited! We got to talk to her today. Both daddy and I realized this is the last time we talked to her before she enters the MTC. Next time, she will be Sister Peterson. Too much emotion for this family!!!

Here are a few pictures of her adventure in Sao Paulo.

Rafaela na missao 7 Rafaela na missao 8 Rafaela na missao 9 Rafaela na missao Rafaela na missao2

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